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Finished in a matte-black tone, the Orbit III is a stunning wall mirror from the Orbit series. Circular in shape, the Orbit III looks absolutely gorgeous with a ring of metal balls that seem to be orbiting the mirror. The Orbit III is a perfect fit in spaces based on the Industrial, Mercana Modern or Enduring Elegance design style.

43.0″ Round Wall Mirror

Spanning 43.0″ in length and height, the Orbit III looks great both on its own or placed beside multiple mirrors.

Metal Construction

The Orbit III, expertly crafted from metal, makes for a sturdy and substantial addition to your space which is built to stand the test of time.

Premium Finish

The Orbit III is finished in a superior, matte-black tone that makes this stylish mirror stand out in even the most luxurious spaces.

Elegant/Modern Inspired Design

Featuring a modern design that flaunts a sleek silhouette and subtle curves, the Orbit III makes for a gorgeous addition to spaces based on the elegant or modern design style.

Product Size (Inches) 42.9L x 2.4W x 43.0H
Weight 33.51 lbs (15.20 kg)

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