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Embracing your true interior design vision can be tough. Finding those perfect pieces can be a chore, never mind the hassle of choosing the right paint colour or wall covering to match your vintage bed, or finding a lamp that works with that mid-century meets modern sofa in the corner.

Whether you have a grand vision with inspiring pictures, or just a seedling of an idea with a ton of questions, at GP Home Furniture, we can help you hone in on your interior design vision. With a talented design team, who are well-acquainted with the latest furniture and decor trends, from curtains to paint and so much more, we can help you find the perfect furniture and home decor to create the atmosphere you want.

Be bold in your designs – be you.

Our Process


Book a time that works for a free in-store consult with our designers.


  In our Free, 
In-store consultation, our designers  work with you to create a bold room design .


we  Help you find and order the perfect piece or pieces to fit your home.


our timely Delivery creates a seamless experience from design to dwelling.


Soak in every moment and be inspired by your perfect interior design!

Our Design Team

GP Home Furniture is more than a furniture store – it’s a place to answer your questions and spark interior design inspiration. That’s why we have a team of talented designers available to help you through the process of finding the furniture and decor that matches you

Our designers work with our creative consultants, and directly with our customers to ensure every person who walks through the door at GP Home Furniture gets the service and guidance we’re known for.

Our designers are passionate about creating the most inspiring rooms fuelled by the dreams and aesthetics of our clients at GP Home Furniture. With a deep knowledge of everything available, and extensive training in home decor and design, our team loves creating home designs that inspire customers, every day!

Be inspired by interior designs.

Brands you can Trust

Our service is only as good as the companies that build our furniture. That’s why we make sure the brands we partner with build furniture you can trust. We work with local and continent-wide brands to ensure the furniture we buy is ethically sourced, and well crafted. 

Many of our brands we’ve worked with since Jim & Bev Grant ran the store, and over the course of these long-lasting relationships, we’ve come to trust and depend on the quality of furniture our brands offer. From customer service, to durable materials, these manufacturers have proven themselves to us time and again. 

In a world of fast fashion, fast food and cheap, throw away decor, quality is often ignored in favour of cheap goods and getting to the market as fast as possible. At GP Home Furniture, we’re looking to the future of design, while maintaining our roots in the timeless quality of yesteryear. That goes from our service, to every piece of furniture we sell on our showroom floor.

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