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From the silver door trim and knob accents to the glass door that lets you quickly check on clothes. This LG dryer brings an easy style to any laundry space. Drying is easier, too, thanks to the LG Sensor Dry system that measures moisture levels throughout the cycle and automatically adjusts drying time-no more damp clothes or over drying.

Free up your day: fit more clothes in every load with 7.3 cu. ft. of space, running fewer loads saves energy
No more damp clothes: the built-in sensor detects moisture levels and automatically adjusts drying time for loads of all sizes
No more over drying: dryer shuts off at just the right time to save energy with less wear and tear on clothes
FlowSense lets you know when your ducts need cleaning to avoid lint buildup, improves the dryer’s performance for greater efficiency
High efficiency sensor drying and low-heat settings save energy and money by using about 20% less energy than conventional models without sacrificing features or performance
Aluminized alloy steel drum has toughness and an attractive finish that will last
Designed for quiet operation
Pleasant end-of-cycle chime lets you know when clothes are dry
SmartDiagnosis feature helps the service center diagnose problems over the phone or with a simple app on your smart phone, helping you minimize costly, inconvenient service calls
Wrinkle care option: dryer will periodically tumble the load for up to 3 hours after the cycle is done or until the door is opened to help keep wrinkles at bay
Dryer door can easily be reversed from a right swing to a left swing in minutes to give you more installation options
Features a 3-minute smart installation check that will run through a set of diagnostics to ensure that the dryer has been installed properly and is working correctly
Capacity: 7.3 cu. ft.

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