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Maximize Your Time
PowerPlus™ Induction Technology boils water in less than 2 minutes so you can shave time off of cooking dinner everyday.

Gas Benefits, Without the Remodel
Our PowerPlus™ Induction Cooktop offers the speed, control, and consistency of gas, without requiring the converting of your kitchen from electric to gas.

Flexible Cooking
SpacePro™ Bridge Element allows you to cook two separate dishes at once, or combine elements for large pots or griddle-use. The cooktop adapts to the size of the pan whether it’s a small pot, a large frying pan, or a griddle.

Consistent Results
Even heat eliminates hot spots and delivers consistent results for creating delicious, evenly cooked foods like steaks and omelets.

Cool Cooktop, Simple Clean-up
Cool-to-the-touch cooktop generates heat directly to the pan, not the cooktop, so spills can’t burn on.

Controlled Cooking
Adjusts from a powerful boil to a gentle simmer instantly – ideal for rice, soups and sauces.

Professional-Grade Controls
Heavy-duty knobs deliver precise temperature control, whether you’re simmering, sautéing, searing or boiling.

Efficient Use of Power
The cooktop heats the pan directly so less heat is lost in the cooking process.

Cookware Compatible
Induction-friendly cookware includes most stainless steel or iron-based cookware. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of the cookware, it’s compatible.

Height: 3 5/8″
Width: 36″
Depth: 20 1/8″

Bridge Element: Yes
Bridge Element Location: Left
Cooking Surface Type: Smooth
Hot-Surface Indicator Light: Yes
Right Front Element Burner Size: 10″
Right Rear Element Burner Size: 6″
Left Front Element Burner Size: 7″
Left Rear Element Burner Size: 7″
Center Rear Element Burner Size: 8″
Right Front Element Burner: 3,800 Watts
Right Rear Element Burner: 2,000 Watts
Left Front Element Burner: 2,600 Watts
Left Rear Element Burner: 2,600 Watts

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